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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Individual & Class Tutoring?

Individual Tutoring targets exactly what the student is covering at school. We ask all parents to request a copy of the schools 'scope & sequence' so that our tutors can tailor make each lesson for your child. Class Tutoring with a max capacity of 8 students, follows HSC Success Tutoring's 'scope & sequence' which ensures the whole course is covered within the term. All students receive class workbooks which follow a structured & articulate lesson plan.

How can I pay?

For your first lesson, you are welcome to pay for one lesson only. After your first lesson, you have the following options: 1. Pay Per 2 Weeks 2. Pay Per 5 Weeks 3. Pay Per 10 Weeks Payment Types (please note: we are a non-cash business) - Online - Eftpos - Secure Phone Payment - Direct Debit

Who are the tutors?

We pride ourselves on having three generations of tutors...

I'm an existing client, do I need to re-enrol?

Yes, as an existing client you do need to re-enrol before the enrolment deadline to avoid missing out on your spot. You can find more information about this here:

When is the enrolment deadline?

For new students, we take enrolments all thoughout the year. For existing students, below are the enrolment deadlines: Term 2: Friday 12th April 2019 Term 3: Friday 5th July 2019 Term 4: Friday 27th September 2019 Term 1: Friday 20th December 2019

How can I access your services?

The great thing about HSC Success Tutoring is that distance is just a number! You can access the best tutoring service online or in campus. This means you can access our online tutoring sessions anywhere across the globe!

How can I enquire about franchise opportunities with Success Tutoring?

Visit our dedicated franchise website on You can also contact us directly on (02) 8046 3937.

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