High school graduate sets up tutoring business

Founder & Director of HSC Success Tutoring is interviewed by The Daily Telegraph.

MICHAEL Youssef has a saying he likes to share: “Work hard, dream big”.

It’s been a driving force behind the success of the young Bossley Park entrepreneur.

At just 18, Mr Youssef has set up a tutoring business in a room at his parent’s home.

He employs five staff members to service the growing number of students around the Fairfield area who want to get ahead or gain an edge in their high school studies.

It’s a work in progress, as he’d one day like to grown and run his own centre.

Ironically, Mr Youssef himself is a recent high school graduate.

“I completed my HSC at Patrician Brothers Fairfield in 2016 with a sound ATAR of 93.15,” he said.

“I was never a naturally gifted student, but I think something clicked when I began Year 7.

“I thought to myself, ‘I have two arms, two legs and one mind just like the person next me; so why can’t I get the same or even better results?’.

“I worked hard, set goals and made sure I got the results.”

The son of Egyptian immigrants, Mr Youssef said his parents instilled in him and his sister the importance of education.

He is studying commerce at Sydney University, but continues to dream big.

“My longer term goal is to have a positive impact on the people around me and if that means being a businessman, politician or community volunteer, that’s what it will be,” Mr Youssef said.

Meanwhile, despite his youth, he already has adopted a philosophy of “giving back” to the community.

He’s in the process of applying to be an army reservist and recently contacted the local Rural Fire Service to become a volunteer firefighter.

Mr Youssef also has plans to run free HSC workshops.

“This is still in the process of being implemented as it’s not offered to all students,” he explained.

I’ve contacted many local high schools and requested they advertise these workshops only to those people who are identified as unable to pay for tutoring services. The planned starting date for these workshops is at the start of August for Year 12 students, and will be implemented in most local libraries on a specific timetabled schedule.”

Mr Youssef said he thrived by setting goals and achieving them.

“One of my favourite quotes is: ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve’.”

But, he added, success was rarely achieved alone.

“I am truly very blessed by God with a loving family, great community support and many opportunities,” Mr Youssef said.

For more information on HSC Success Tutoring, call 0424 474 449 or visit facebook.com/HscSuccessTutoring.


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