Find your fuel

Imagine you've just bought a band new car.

After many years you've decided to go on a road trip- Sydney to the Gold Coast. As most people do, you make sure the car still functions properly before you go on the 12 hour long trip.

Maybe you pump the tires, replace the oil or even complete a full car service. Despite all this effort, there's still one very important element, the fuel.

The fuel that keeps you going.

Regardless who you are, this fuel is fundamental to smash goals and win at life. Make motivation your fuel to success. Everyone has experienced bad days, but it's your ability to be resistant to those bad experiences that allows you to become stronger. Drown yourself with positive motivation & you'll be forced to think positively in the face of your problems.

Motivation differs from person to person. It can be in the form of music, film, quotes, novels, speeches or even social media. Check out our collection on Motivation for Students.

Share this with those you know, to remind them it's ok to find that fuel in your life, to keep going until you finally reach your destination.

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