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Think & you can.

The way you think changes everything. Think positively, you'll achieve positive results. Think negatively, and you know what will happen.

When students say "I can't do this" I famously say to them, "say I can". The words "I can't" is only affirmed through ones thinking. Therefore if you believe you can, then... you can.

Quite often I advise the student that we create a list together. A list of the reasons why they can, as opposed to can't. It usually looks like this:

Reasons I can

1. I've got a mind. 2. I work hard. 3. God is with me. 5. I've got a positive network of people. 6. I live in the best country in the world. 7. I'm healthy. 8. I go to school & have access to 1st class education.

Reasons I can't

1. None. End of story.

Thinking about reasons why you'll be successful will make you successful. This is what makes HSC Success Tutoring different from the rest.

Motivation is the key driver responsible for human success. All our professional tutors are trained to instil the passion for education, the passion for life & the passion for goal setting that makes our students the best!

Remember: a positive mindset is the most powerful force in the world.

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