Business Studies: What makes a band 6?

HSC Business Studies Tutoring

Ever wondered what makes top achieving students in the state for business studies get their mind blowing marks? Well, I'm here to show you.

Unlike your previous academic years, throughout Year 7 tutoring to Year 10 tutoring- the HSC is different. It requires you to work a certain way which quite often is not expressed to you by your teachers or schools. Business studies is very different to English tutoring and Maths tutoring. It requires you to write in a simple & straight to the point manner.

Below are some easy, productive & simple steps to follow for all business studies students, who are currently undertaking the HSC Business Studies Course.

1. Remember the syllabus off by heart!

2. Create a list of Buzz Words!

- Pushing the envelope

- Competitive advantage

- Efficiency

- Bottle neck

- Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

- Lead Time

- Organic Growth

- Synergy

- Holistic approach

- Leverage

- Exit Strategy

3. Create a list of key people

Prime Minister: Scott Morrison

Qantas: CEO Alan Joyce

Radio: Alen Jones

A Current Affair: Tracy Grimshaw

4. Create a list of Facts

a) Australian POP: 25 Million (2018), 40 Million (2061) — ABS

b) Qantas: Growth in the past year

“Profit is estimated to be $250-300 million... shares rose

by 14%” (ABC, 2016)

c) Meriton: Growth in the past year

“Meriton has spearheaded the apartment revolution... increased in popularity over 50 years” (CEO, 2017)

5. Pick multiple case studies

6. Exam Technique & Practice

Year 12 Business Studies Tutoring

Year 12 Business Studies Tutoring

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