Why Year 11 is your most important schooling year

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Quite often many students believe that year 12 is the most important year of high school. Year 11 is the shortest year of your academic progress and the last year till year 12- before all your marks begin to count to the HSC.

During year 11 students are encouraged to work very hard and do their best with all their exams and assignments. Unlike other years, such as Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10- year 11 is the first year which students get the opportunity to decide which senior subjects they will study. It is very important that all students pick subjects they are comfortable with and subjects which they have a keen interest studying.

As year 11 is the last year before the HSC year, it would be wise for students to outline their strengths and weaknesses in the subjects they are studying so they can improve & maximise their marks moving forward into Year 12.

A list of common mistakes for subjects like Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology would be of great importance to all students taking those classes. Tutors are the best mentors & coaches to help students achieve their academic goals and begin a positive study habit.

Subjects like, English, business studies, economics, and legal studies all have different ways to approach the subject which is why students should consult their HSC tutors to help them the most.

As year 11 is the shortest year for all students it would be wise for parents to consider holiday classes which provide students with a boost in their studies. All students are encouraged to attend holiday classes to enhance their knowledge of the subject and to better themselves academically.

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