HSC English Tutoring: Secrets to Success

All students completing the HSC must pick English to count to their units of study. It is very important to have a solid understanding of the exact formula on how to get a great result. Use the tips below as a framework to succeed in your HSC English course.

General Tips

  1. Time management is so important, plan your time properly in an exam and don’t spend too long on one section.

  2. Start your study early!

  3. Read your set texts and then read them again.

  4. Look at past papers and past essay questions (you can predict your question based on the previous ones).

Essay Writing Tips

  1. Rather than memorising your entire essay, remember your ideas, concepts and text.

  2. Make sure to ANSWER THE QUESTION!

  3. Use a suitable essay structure and maintain it throughout (don’t switch from structure to structure).

  4. Write concisely and clearly; don’t use fancy, big words that aren’t necessary.

Unseen Texts Tips

  1. Practise using past papers.

  2. Don’t overwrite, just say enough to get your marks or else you’d be wasting time.

  3. Know techniques and effects to apply to questions and texts.

Creative Writing Tips

  1. READ

  2. Understand different writing concepts and styles (try to use a unique/unconventional style to WOW the markers)

  3. Be imaginative, but make your stories plausible and realistic.

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