HSC Mathematics & Science: Secrets to Success

Mathematics & Science Tutoring

Quite often HSC Mathematics & Science are known as difficult subjects which require a lot of study. As students of HSC Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics it is very important to have a solid understanding of the exact formula on how to get a great result. Use the tips below as a framework to succeed in your HSC Mathematics & Science courses.


  1. Practice makes perfect + lots of revision

  2. Be familiar with your formulas + formula sheet (debatable)

  3. Know the topics in the exam

  4. Past papers

  5. Watch educational videos

  6. Ask questions when you need help

  7. Think of practical applications of mathematical theories and formulas

  8. Read the question properly

  9. Check solutions at the END

  10. Round off only when needed e.g Part A, B questions

  11. Attempt all questions

  12. Always write down your working out


  1. Know and use the syllabus (creating notes)

  2. Use the lowest significant figure

  3. Identify the verb in the question (Assess: make a clear judgement)

  4. Connect the topics together

  5. Connect the content to real life applications

  6. Create simplicity- don’t make an assumptions

  7. Revision on a condensed form

  8. Wide-reading- in-depth understanding of the topics

  9. Practice past papers

  10. Create a list of common mistakes & check them in the exam

  11. Use the data sheets

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