School Holidays: The best time to catch up on study

Holiday NAPLAN Classes

Why HSC Success Tutoring?

Let's start with the Why. HSC Success Tutoring believes in the power of motivation in inspiring students to reach their full potential. We believe no dream is too big & that everything is possible with hard work and the right support network behind students. Our tutors are

trained to enrich your child's education by being motivational role models & upcoming industry leaders in Education, Medicine, Law, Business & Engineering.

Our Holiday Tutoring Services

1. Individual Tutoring (K-12)

Would you like your son or daughter to get ahead during the school holidays? For your convenience & peace of mind, you can now request the same tutor during our available times by contacting the centre.

2. NAPLAN Preparation (2hr, p/w)

Our NAPLAN Preparation Program sorts the skills that are essential for every child to progress through school and life, such as reading, writing, spelling and numeracy. Students enrolled in this course will have more confidence completing the exams which are conducted every year, in the second full week in May.

Holiday NAPLAN Classes

3. School Readiness Program (2hrs, p/w)

The school readiness program prepares pre-kindy students for kindergarten & year 6 students for year 7. Focusing on supporting students in the early stages of development, seeking to build confidence and creating a positive growth mindset, which is a major contributing factor for students to flourish when they start school.

4. HSC Crash Courses (2-3hrs, p/w)

All our HSC Crash Courses include: syllabus notes, exam technique, tips to success in the subject, past paper questions, common student mistakes, student question time & much more. Everyone is welcome to attend!

A Parents Perspective

“The stage 1 development program helped my daughter gain the confidence in both English & Maths- something she & I never thought was possible!”

Sandra Rosseto, mother of year 10 student Amy.

“The tutor was very easy to contact & answered all my questions about my children's progress.”

Chenglei Wang, mother of year 12 student Thomas.

“Very smart, professional and friendly tutors”

Rabab Yousif, mother of year 5 student Mariam.

“Wow! He is so happy! Thank you so much. His confidence has hit an all high. I have never seen him so happy”

Pina Ozlem, mother of year 8 student Anthony (pictured below)

Holiday NAPLAN Classes

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