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Are you exam ready?

Most students will answer with a ‘no’ and unfortunately, this is how cramming begins. With a strict time management system in place coupled with a sprinkle of self-discipline, unnecessary stress and those all-nighters will become a thing of the past. 

Here is a list of our 10 best study tips and tricks compiled by our friendly tutors when coming to exam preparation. 

1. Know what you’re being assessed on

If you don’t know what you’re being assessed on, how do you even go about studying?  Teachers have strict marking criterias which they follow when marking exams, it makes a world of difference to plan ahead and know the syllabus or outcomes of an exam before it takes place.


2. Clean and Hygienic Environment 

Having a clean and organised study workspace is proven to be a big factor in the ability of a student to learn and retain information. Every student’s concentration levels vary and it can be completely dependent on external influences including sound to even quality lighting. 

So have a CLEAN, WELL LIT and QUIET study environment!


3. Get Creative

Utilise creative ways of studying incorporating diagrams such as mindmaps to even a game of Kahoot to test yourself. What better way to put theory into practice with games and maps. Don’t think these ideas are childish as even university lecturers use them!


4. Take Regular Breaks

Have you heard of the Pomodoro technique? Developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s, this technique breaks down workload into small 25 minute intervals, separated by short 5 minute breaks. Take a look at this short video:

5. Eliminate distractions

You saw it here first! Even Drake disapproves of distractions. Distractions are one of the worst if not the worst. But how do we remove them? The answer is simple, ask yourself these set of questions:

- “Am I distracted?”

- “Why am I distracted?”

Find the root cause of these distractions and eliminate them. It seems simple, but it really isn’t. I know it, you know it, we all know it. Quite frankly I got distracted whilst typing this up.📷

6. Study Groups

Having study groups or study buddies can eliminate those lonely nights spent studying for exams. Not only will ideas bounce off each other but you will stay motivated and less inclined to ‘give up.’ So grab a couple of buddies and start studying together!


7. Health is wealth

I’m sure you’ve heard of the good old saying, “Health is wealth.” And guess what, it really is! Finding a healthy balance between study, work and physical activity are vital to a healthy lifestyle. It is proven that regular exercise reduces stress and symptoms of mental health conditions so get out there and exercise.


8. Ask for help

We’ve all asked for help or advice once in our lifetime and why stop now? Teachers and especially tutors are there to help and assist. So who better to ask for help for an upcoming test or assignment than them. At times it can be daunting to ask for help but let me assure you it might the very last thing you needed to help you answer that final question in the exam.📷

9. Get snacking 

Snacks keep you going and they sure do serve as a small reward in between breaks. Whether it be a couple of almonds, a row of dark chocolate or even fruits, they serve as fuel for your brain. Believe it or not, some foods have varying levels of positive gains so do your research and snack away! 📷

10. Get a good nights rest

The worst thing you could do is pull an all-nighter right before an exam. And here’s why...research indicates that the less you sleep, the less you actually learn and remember so whilst you may think that staying up a bit longer to cram is the best alternative, try thinking again.📷


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