How to get a 99.95 ATAR?

93% of all HSC top achievers in the 2018 HSC indicated they have either received support or approached a tutoring centre to guide them.

Students who receive support from HSC Success Tutoring, do so for a number of reasons. Some struggle at school while others have been topping their class on a consistent level.

Are you a worried parent & unsure how your child is going at school? Why not book a FREE Assessment?

Here are some important tips to maximising success.

1. Access to a great & inspiring working environment (get some inspiration here)

2. Ensure exercise is part of a students routineHas a well balanced diet with plenty of fibre and nutrients

3. Access to a positive support network of teachers, family, friends & tutors

4.Being constantly overflown with positivity, motivation & drive (find some motivational material here)

If you have never experienced tutoring before, why not try completely free at our liverpool centre? From our many years of experience; if you are unsure about which subject to start with- we suggest English Tutoring. English is the only subject out of your 12 units which will count to your overall HSC result. Therefore, if you take care of English- all your other subjects should be able to flow towards the same direction.

If you would like more tips about HSC Success, make sure you visit our SuccessSecrets webpage. This is our Student Central Forum which provides students with invaluable content to be successful at school and in their life.


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