The New 2019 English Syllabus

2019 HSC students will be the first to sit the new English syllabus, which was recently brought out. The new English syllabus aims to focus on understanding rather than memorising.

Many parts in the syllabus remain the same however some major changes have created a different structure to the overall examination. Students can expect a shorter paper 1, omitting the creative section of the paper which existed pre-2018.

The structure for paper 1 looks similar to this:

Section 1: Unseen texts

Section 2: Human experiences essay

The board have moved the creative writing section and renamed it in paper 2, now called the craft of writing.

The structure of paper 2 can be seen below:

Module A

Module B

Module C: Craft of writing

The main idea behind the craft of writing is to ensure students have a grasp of the 3 main possible texts, they would be expected to write: imaginative, persuasive or discursive. This section invites students to understand the major themes in the texts they have studied a create a text of their own. A major challenge within this specific module is formulating ideas and examples to use within the text.

It is recommended students have an in-depth understanding of their themes and ideas in a way which is philosophical by nature. It is no longer enough to have an understanding of the themes which relate to a specific text and how that theme is expressed using techniques. It is imperative that a formulation of ideas is formed using an individuals personal understanding.

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