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Year 7 Tutoring

English         Maths

What our Year 7 Maths Students develop

  • A thorough understanding

  • Strong passion for learning

  • Boost in Confidence


All Year 7 Maths Courses Include

Motivational Teachers

Young & highly inspirational teachers with an ability to relate to students and explain concepts clearly

Weekly Homework

Designed to track student performance & ensure concepts in class are understood properly

Past Papers

Access to these at an early age is important to grasp exam technique with content learnt

Past Band 6 Responses

Is very helpful for students to capture how a 10/10 response looks like & work towards creating one

Work Booklets

A full set of resources written by teachers & combined using the best books in the teaching industry

Confidence Training

All students gain exposure to having a confident mindset when striving for academic success

Topic Tests

Completed at the end of each chapter, tests are provided to ensure students have a firm understanding

Board Developed Course


Each page is based on the NSW Syllabus & is a carefully graded unit of work. This means students can plan their revision effectively by completing set pages of work for each section

Improved Study Notes


Students write in the book, ensuring that they have all their questions and working in the same place. This is invaluable when revising for exams—no lost notes or missing pages!

Practice Makes Perfect


Practising tests similar to those they will sit at school will build students’ confidence and help them perform well in their actual tests.

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